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1. War on the Street Outside: Beirut, 1980
2. The Long- Term Trend: A Trip in a Time Machine, 2011 to prehistoric times
3. Palestine to Congo: The Invention of Peacekeeping, 1947–61
4. Angola to Mozambique: Failures and Successes of the Early 1990s
5. The Kofi Annan Reforms: Consolidation and Expansion, 1997–2006
6. The Sierra Leone Model: Multidimensional Peace Operations, 1998–2011
7. The Unarmy: Nonmilitary Forces Supporting Peace
8. Peace Movements: If You Want Peace, Work for Peace
9. Assessing Progress: Is Peace Increasing since 1945?
10. Three Myths: Finding the Truth When Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong
11. Wars of the World: The Fires Still Smoldering
12. What We Can Do: A New Global Identity

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© 2011 Joshua S. Goldstein